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Wall Art & Clocks


  • Cog Clocks
    Cog Clocks

    Our range of statement ‘Cog Clocks’ are incredibly popular and have become one of our best sellers. The timeless (excuse the pun) pieces are hand wrought wit...

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  • Wall Art Range
    Wall Art Range

    Lift the room with a piece from our unique 'Wall Art' range. With flights of swans, wall platters, and swimming sardines, it'll be no surprise that this coll...

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  • Shapes - Aluminium
    Shapes - Aluminium

    Our coat hooks are meticulously hand cast to ensure their exceptional durability and longevity. With a sleek chrome finish, they effortlessly add a touch of ...

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  • Time Machines
    Time Machines

    One of our best-selling ranges, Time Machines is filled with vintage inspired clocks in various sizes. Perfect for finding those characterful statement pieces.

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  • Sea Scape
    Sea Scape

    Discovered while visiting the beautiful state of Rajasthan in India, our ‘Seascape’ range features fish lanterns and wall art, finished in hand-decorated met...

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