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  • Recycled Teak
    Recycled Teak

    Sourced in Rajasthan, India, 'Recycled Teak' is our range of furniture with a naturally warm finish. The pieces are made from reclaimed teak and includes a c...

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  • Light Antique
    Light Antique

    Made from fine Acacia wood with charming hand-made metalwork fixtures, our Light Antique range of furniture is lightly stained and brings traditional warmth ...

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  • Raw Mango
    Raw Mango

    This fantastic range of furniture is made from the highest quality, reclaimed mango wood sourced from the village of Mandawa, Rajasthan. The warm tones effor...

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  • Diamond

    Look closely at our ‘Diamond’ range to appreciate the fine hand craftsmanship that has gone into each and every piece. Made using quality, reclaimed teak and...

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  • Groove

    Made using beautiful reclaimed teak, salvaged from India in a zero-waste facility, our ‘Groove’ range is both eco-friendly and sturdy. The furniture and home...

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  • Treasure Chests
    Treasure Chests

    Make room for our charming 'Treasure Chests' range. Handmade in India using high quality Acacia or Mango wood, each piece boasts stand-out hasp and staple cl...

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  • Brushed Antique
    Brushed Antique

    ‘Brushed Antique' is full of staple furniture pieces, including best-selling circular dining tables and bar furniture. The styles are timeless with wrought i...

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  • Half Circle
    Half Circle

    Sourced in Rajasthan, India, ‘Half Circle’ is our outdoor chair and bench with lovely curved detailing. The pieces are made from solid reclaimed teak wood, s...

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  • Strip

    Sourced in Rajasthan, India, ‘Strip’ is a range of outdoor furniture with a naturally distressed finish. The pieces are made from reclaimed teak and include ...

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  • Sandy Black
    Sandy Black

    Sandy Black includes our best-selling charcoal dining chairs and bar stools. The style of each piece is timeless with steel frame legs and a light wood stain...

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  • Straight to the Point
    Straight to the Point

    Our 'Straight to the Point' furniture range boasts a lovely warm walnut-coloured finish, paired with sharp, sophisticated metal legs.

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  • One of a Kind - Range
    One of a Kind - Range

    Exclusively sourced from India, we are delighted to present our newest collection of ‘One-of-a-Kind’ pieces. Every individual piece of furniture or decoratio...

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  • Distressed White
    Distressed White

    This characterful nest of tables is hand-made from Acacia wood in rural Rajasthan. The light wash finish is applied by hand to produce a natural yet subtle d...

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